All It Takes Is Just One Visit to Get Whiter Teeth!

White Teeth

While some tooth discoloration can be removed through regular dental cleanings, other stains may require a more powerful whitening treatment. Colorado Dental Group has two safe and effective whitening methods to give you the smile you have always wanted!

A Whiter, Brighter Smile

Choose from in-office or at-home whitening options. Whitening in our office can be completed in just one visit, and is very efficient. The at-home treatment is both flexible and cost-effective.

Whitening System Treatment Time Cost
In-Office One 60 minute office visit $390
Take-Home Once a day for 45 minutes for 2-5 weeks $99

Take-Home Tray Whitening Through Bright Rewards

Bright RewardsYou deserve to have a sparkling, confident smile, which is why we have introduced a Bright Rewards program to our office. Pay a one-time enrollment fee of $99, and we’ll send you home with a whitening system. Any patients who receive our chair-side whitening system are enrolled for FREE.

What You Need to Know About Enrollment

  • You are impressed for a custom whitening tray and provided with two tubes of whitening gel ($200 value).
  • Wear the trays once or twice per day for 30 minutes OR once for 45 minutes per day.
  • Results are often seen within about 5 days, but the full treatment time is usually 2-6 weeks.
  • Make your regular cleaning visits, and receive a FREE complimentary touch-up gel ($40 value).

Bright Rewards Forms

Bright Rewards Enrollment Form
Bright Rewards Consent Form

In-Office Whitening

Spend one hour in our office, and you’ll have whiter teeth. Colorado Dental Group uses Pola Office+, a single use, in-office tooth whitening system that requires minimal chair time.

These are just some of the many examples of in-office whitening:

whitening case study

Schedule a Whitening Appointment

Colorado Dental Group wants to help you put your best smile forward! Interested in our whitening services? Call our office at 719-355-2700 or contact us online to schedule an appointment. We offer flexible appointment schedules!