Tooth Extraction in Colorado Springs, CO

Tooth extractionA Safe Procedure that Prevents Future Complications

Tooth extractions may seem a bit scary, but in reality, it is a routine, low-risk procedure that is painless when performed by an experienced dentist or oral surgeon. The recovery after a tooth extraction is usually very simple.

Reasons For a Tooth Extraction

Wisdom teeth removal is one of the most common extraction procedures. Sometimes patients need an extraction because they have impacted teeth or crowding, which is often the case with wisdom teeth.

Although, there are many cases when a dentist will recommend tooth extraction because of severe tooth decay. In these cases, an extraction will prevent infection and relieve discomfort.

The Tooth Extraction Procedure

Usually, the tooth extraction process is a very straightforward procedure that only takes a few minutes and can be completed by either an experienced dentist or oral surgeon.

  1. The dentist or oral surgeon will have previously taken x-rays of the teeth and will go over the process with you.
  2. The dentist will use a local numbing agent for the tooth, gum, and bone.
  3. As the extraction begins, you should feel only pressure, not pain.
  4. In most cases, the dentist will remove the tooth using only applied pressure, rather than using surgical intervention.

The Extraction Recovery Process

Your dentist will give you instructions to help you understand how to properly care for the extraction site in the hours and days following tooth removal. These instructions usually include changing out gauze to help minimize bleeding.

If you are feeling pain, your dentist or oral surgeon may prescribe medicine to give you some relief in the days following the procedure. The gums should fully heal in a matter of weeks, as long as the site is kept clean. Once healed, you may be interested in replacing the missing tooth with an implant, bridge, or denture.

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