Top 7 Tips for Living Mouth Smart

March 17, 2017

world oral health daySpring begins on March 20th, and this also marks World Oral Health Day (WOHD), a holiday instated by the FDI World Dental Federation in 2013.

Dental health care is an essential piece of the puzzle that is good physical health, and WOHD is about teaching patients around the world to keep their teeth in tact for life.

Living Mouth Smart

The goal of WOHD is to make everyday decisions that impact teeth in a positive way. To help our patients do just that, we’ve created a list of ways to live Mouth Smart.

1. Instill Habits in Children Early

No matter what, your child is picking up habits, and those habits are setting the foundation for the rest of their lives. Now is the time to do what you can to ensure that these routines are good ones. For detailed tips, check out our post from National Children’s Dental Health Month.

2. Use Fluoride Safely

Getting a sufficient amount of fluoride is an excellent way to armor your teeth against enamel-eating acids. Fluoride intake is especially important in children younger than 6. At your regular dental visits, your dentist will discuss the proper amount of fluoride for you or your child.

3. Eat a Healthy Diet That’s Low in Sugary Foods

Reduce the amount of sugar in your diet as much as possible. Sodas, sweet tea, juices, and sugary foods feed the bacteria in your mouth, forming an acid that can destroy your enamel. If you end up indulging in the sweet stuff, try brushing your teeth soon after.

4. Brush Twice a Day and Floss Daily

This method is highly effective and the most important strategy for keeping teeth healthy. Brushing twice and flossing once is a good rule of thumb, but an additional cleaning following a high-carb or sugary meal will do you good.

5. Get Regular Dental Check-Ups

Thorough flossing and brushing works wonders for reducing tooth decay, but even the best among us cannot clean our teeth in their entirety. Once your plaque hardens, it becomes tartar, a substance that only a dental professional can remove.

6. Protect Teeth During Sports

If you are taking part in a high-impact activity—particularly one that involves blows to the head, flying equipment, or falling—it’s important to protect your pearly whites with a mouthguard.

7. Don’t Smoke

Gum disease, bad breath, bone loss, and oral cancer are only some of the dental health problems smokers face. Just another reason to quit!

A Healthy Smile for Life

At Colorado Dental Group, we encourage our patients to follow these tips on WOHD and all year! You only get one set of teeth, so do your best to keep your smile healthy for life.