What to Do After Losing a Tooth

July 29, 2021

Hockey Player With Lost ToothLosing a tooth as a child is completely normal, but as an adult, not so much. Adults don’t anticipate sudden tooth loss, so it’s important to know what to do in case it occurs. If you or a loved one find yourselves in this predicament, follow these three steps.

1. Find and Clean Your Tooth

You may not realize that you’ve lost a tooth right away. If you experience an automobile accident or unexpected sports injury, it may take a few moments to notice. As soon as you realize that a tooth is missing, it’s important to find it and clean it right away. The faster the tooth is recovered and cleaned, the higher the likelihood that your dentist will be able to save it.

Once you’ve located the missing tooth, treat it gently. Scrubbing the tooth too vigorously will cause further damage. Gently dust away any debris on the surface of the tooth. Be very careful not to touch the exposed during the cleaning process.

Clean your lost tooth by rinsing it with:

    • Clean water
    • Milk
    • A sterile saline solution
  • 2. Reinsert Your Tooth

    If possible, it is recommended to attempt to insert the lost tooth back into the empty socket. This should only be attempted after thorough rinsing and sterilization. Do not attempt to reinsert your tooth if it is broken or has cracked.

    While it may be uncomfortable, or even slightly painful, reinserting your tooth will help to protect the exposed root from further damage until you can reach the dentist. Place medical gauze, or other soft fabric, between your top and bottom teeth. Bite down gently to hold the tooth in place.

     3. Guard Your Tooth and Get to the Dentist

    If you are unable to reinsert your tooth, you must keep it safe until you get to a dentist. Fill a container with milk or saline solution and place your tooth inside. This will ensure that the tooth stays sterile. It’s important to note that storing the tooth in water alone will not protect it. Do your best to preserve your tooth and schedule an emergency appointment with a dentist right away. 

    Call Colorado Dental Group for Emergency Dental Services

    At Colorado Dental Group, we have an experienced team of dental professionals who specialize in emergency dentistry. We know that dental emergencies can be painful, stressful and concerning. Our staff is here to assist you during this time.

    In addition to cleanings, exams, and cosmetic dentistry, we cover a wide variety of emergency services such as treating:

    • Fractured, chipped or cracked teeth
    • Bite pain
    • Gum and pulpal abscesses
    • Bleeding or swelling gums
    • Lost crowns and fillings
    • Pericoronitis
    • Lost teeth

    Whether you are in search of a new dentist, need to schedule a cleaning, or are facing an oral emergency, we are here to help. Schedule an appointment with one of our dentists today.